Physical Therapy

About Physical Therapy

Complete Physical Therapy is a physical therapist–owned practice, whose primary mission is to provide therapy with John F. Barnes Myofascial Release approach. We help patients with conditions that affect movement, function, health and wellness.

The first visit called evaluation includes standard orthopedic and neurologic tests, however, the focus of the examination is on the impairments that contribute to the underlying biomechanical cause of the symptoms. Based on initial examination findings we develop custom supervised exercise programs and carry patient through a step by step process of rehabilitation.

As the patient learns properly his exercise routine, more complicated and functional movements are introduced to the program, eventually restoring function to the best of the patient’s capabilities and lifestyle requirements. In order to optimize and expedite recovery we instruct patient in a home exercise program to be done at home.

During consecutive visits we provide One-on-One treatments. We are particularly concerned with the habitual postures and repeated movement patterns that contribute to the development of the current condition.

We help patients to find relief from pain and get moving again after an accident, trauma, injury, illness or surgery in a very comfortable and personable atmosphere.