A Pain Free Lifestyle Awaits

Complete Physical Therapy offers a variety of advanced treatments, including the revolutionary Myofascial Release. We are committed to serving the community and ensuring that all our clients receive the higher quality of care that will meet their specific needs.

Our dedicated staff members provide hands-on physical therapy using a progressive approach to health and healing, with the sole goal of return to a pain free lifestyle.

Myofascial Release

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Physical Therapy


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The staff at Complete Physical Therapy treated me like I was their only patient. They handled all of the paperwork and insurance questions with ease. This made my entire experience easy and stress free.–Cruz A., Phoenix, AZ

I met a therapist who actually cared about my condition, and was willing to spend one on one time with me. Peter worked uniquely; compared to other therapists that I have been to in the past, his treatment started from my head then to my toes.–Catherine K. , Peoria, AZ

I go to Peter Podbielski for Myofascial Therapy. He is the best therapist I have had for this treatment. As a bonus, he has a great personality as well, very compassionate!–Testimony from AllTherapist.com

After receiving physical therapy for 4 months from therapists who did not have Myofascial Release training, they were unable to do what you did for me in a few sessions.–Marlene M., Phoenix, AZ